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Commerz Real Acquires MYND Office Tower

Commerz Real has acquired the entirety of the Mynd office tower (currently under construction) and the Galeria Weltstadthaus on Berlin's Alexanderplatz. Both assets have been acquired from SIGNA Prime for Commerz Real’s open-ended real estate fund ‘Hausinvest’.

The 134-metre high Mynd Tower will comprise approximately 32,000 square metres of flexible-use office space, with a view over Berlin. Open and spacious, these will be equipped with modern and intelligent technology, as well as floor-to-ceiling windows. In addition, there will be more than 7,000 square metres of common areas, which will provide a range of facilities and city-like experiences in a "Vertical Village". 1,000 square metres have been pledged to the state of Berlin for a commercial use oriented towards the common good. The department retail stores will continue as the "Galeria Weltstadthaus". Furthermore, approximately 2,500 square metres are planned for a high-quality food area and for small-scale retail on the first basement and ground floor levels. On the two upper floors, a multi-cultural food market is planned on around 7,900 square metres, which will also combine social, culture and shopping experiences. The spacious roof terrace, with a view of the Berlin television tower, will be open to the public.

The sustainability concept is particularly unique - by saving materials, around 30% less concrete is needed than in conventional construction projects and, therefore, reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Geothermal energy provides resource-saving heating and cooling, and temperature regulation is also optimised by refrigeration and heat pumps and also by using waste heat from the existing building. Peak loads will be covered by district heating. In addition, a photovoltaic system of almost 3,900 square metres contributes significantly to the electricity demand, with green electricity used for the remaining energy demand. Other sustainability measures installed include intelligent lighting, lift and ventilation systems, and also the harvesting and reuse of ~600 cubic metres of rainwater / year. The building project is aiming for LEED Platinum (environmental sustainability), WELL Gold (health and well-being of future users) and Wiredscore (digital networking) certification.

Ambiente Deutschland delivered Environmental Due Diligence as a subcontractor on behalf of Gleeds Deutschland GmbH .

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