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We Are Nova-Ambiente

We are a multi-national consultancy with operational bases in London, Cologne, Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid and Lisbon, and trusted associates and partners worldwide.






Managing Director
(Head of Environmental)

Allan is a geologist with a Masters Degree from the Aachen Institute of Technology in Germany. He has over 28 years’ experience in environmental consultancy throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.


Allan specialises in multi-site, multi-national property transaction support services and was instrumental in developing our unique environmental risk assessment and management service for clients with significant property portfolios across Europe.


Within Nova-Ambiente Allan focuses primarily on business and product development for equity investors. He also regularly undertakes a Project Director role and continues to maintain a keen interest in all environmental projects.

Inga Kooj



Technical Director

Inga has 20 years’ experience in environmental consultancy with a background in land quality assessment, compliance auditing, environmental due diligence and risk assessment.


Inga is responsible for overseeing our UK and Dutch environmental due diligence service and forms part of our central project team, managing a high volume of environmental assessment and due diligence projects through-out Europe. Inga specialises in providing tailored environmental risk evaluation advice and pragmatic management solutions.


With an eye for detail and a commercial focus, Inga also undertakes a crucial quality assurance role within the business. She is responsible for ensuring that our high standards and consistency in reporting are maintained across all environmental projects.



Operations Director

Sarah has 16 years' experience in the fields of environmental due diligence, auditing / site assessment (including ASTM Phase I auditing and reporting), risk assessment and property management across industrial / logistics, commercial, retail, and manufacturing sectors.


She focuses on project direction, management of site assessment and due diligence projects for our commercial / private sector and US clients and co-ordination of selected property management programmes.


Sarah is involved in all aspects of U.K. & European projects and key client management. As part of the central project team she is responsible for the high-level technical review and quality assurance of our services and deliverables and has also recently taken on a business support role in the UK.



Associate Director

Emma joined Ambiente in September 2012 and has over 20 years' experience in the fields of environmental due diligence, environmental compliance and contaminated land assessment. She is a seasoned project manager and highly skilled environmental auditor, well-practiced in identifying legal non-compliances and working with companies to address environmental best practice and liability issues.


Emma currently manages Nova-Ambiente’s international Environmental Management team and the ongoing development of the service across Europe.

Julie Carter.jpg


Associate Director

Julie has over twenty years of project management and environmental consultancy experience, primarily in the fields of environmental due diligence, compliance and contaminated land risk assessment and remediation.

She is a Chartered Environmentalist, an experienced team leader and an environmental auditor with a strong track record of delivering innovative due diligence solutions.

Julie currently manages Nova-Ambiente’s international Environmental Management service. She has been the driving force behind the development of our bespoke, collaborative digital platform, Ambio.

Jonathan Grimes

Technical Surveying Principal

Jonathan is a RICS qualified Building Surveyor with over 25 years chartered experience within the commercial, industrial and retail property sectors in the UK and Europe.


Jonathan has recently joined the business and heads up our UK & European Technical Team and is responsible for overall management of our technical surveying services.

Simon Coffey.jpg


Principal Consultant

Simon has over 19 years’ experience in environmental consultancy, working on projects across the UK, Ireland and the Middle East. He specialises in ground investigation, risk assessment and remediation projects and has valuable practical development knowledge, having previously had a role with a property developer. 


Simon is responsible for the day to day management of the brownfield development side of the business, undertaking environmental assessments for large industrial and commercial development sites.



Managing Consultant

Oliver holds a Degree in Environmental Geography and a Masters in Environmental Monitoring, Modelling and Management from Kings College London. 


Since August 2012 Ollie has played a key role in the UK environmental due diligence team. He is one of our lead auditors and specialises in assessments for the light industrial & logistics sector.


Ollie is responsible for the day to day management of key client accounts / projects and assists the central project team with a QA review role of reports from our European colleagues.




Senior Consultant

Alistair holds a degree in Environmental Geography and has over three years’ experience in environmental consultancy, including desk and field based contaminated land assessments and data management for both private and public sectors.

Within our Environmental Management team, Alistair is responsible for the management of our UK Portfolios, co-ordinating and undertaking post-acquisition site inspections, liaising closely with clients and property managers to implement corrective actions and environmental performance improvement strategies.




Senior Consultant

Maria has five years’ experience within environmental consultancy, and holds a Degree in Environmental Science and a Masters in Environmental Engineering and Management. 

Since October 2017 Maria has been an integral part of our Environmental Management team, helping to ensure the  consistently high environmental performance of assets within our management programmes both in the UK and across Europe.

Maria is a highly capable environmental management and due diligence auditor and as a native Spanish speaker, Maria also provides support to our Spanish environmental due diligence team.


Nina Narayanen


Nina holds a degree in Geography and a Masters in Environmental Monitoring, Modelling and Management from Kings College, London.

Nina plays a key role in our Environmental Management team and is also one of our UK auditors. She is responsible for addressing and finding solutions for residual liability and best practice / compliance issues, thereby improving the environmental performance of assets within our management programmes.Nina also provides training to UK and European clients and property managers via Ambiente’s on-line collaborative platform, Ambio.



Managing Consultant

Jaime holds a degree in Environmental Science and a masters in Environmental Design and Engineering from University College, London.


Jaime has over ten years’ experience in environmental consultancy and management, specialising primarily in contaminated land risk assessment and flood risk assessment.  


At Nova-Ambiente, Jaime holds a central role within our Environmental Management team, responsible for the implementation of our environmental management programmes across the UK and European portfolios. She is also an IEMA affiliated Environmental Auditor and supports our Environmental Due Diligence team on acquisition projects.


William Whitell


William joined Nova-Ambiente in April 2019. He holds a Masters in Environmental Geology and has over two years’ experience within environmental consultancy, including Phase I and Phase II contaminated land assessments.


William’s primary role at Nova Ambiente is to support the Environmental Management team in carrying out EM audits and identifying and addressing environmental best practice and compliance issues to improve the performance of our client’s portfolios in the UK and across Europe. 

Tom Parkinson


Tom has an Environmental Science degree from the University of Reading and 6 years’ of Phase I, Phase II and environmental management experience for the financial, rail and waste sectors.


Tom joined the Environmental Management team in 2020 and works closely with our colleagues in Cologne to ensure the smooth implementation of our pan-European EM programmes. Tom is also an integral part of the UK EM team, undertaking post-acquisition audits and identifying and addressing environmental compliance issues to improve the environmental performance of our clients’ assets.

Alix V.

Alix Vincent


Alix joined Nova Ambiente in October 2019. She holds a BSc in Biological Sciences and a Master’s in Sustainable Environmental Management from the University of Plymouth.

Alix’s primary role at Nova Ambiente is to support the Environmental Due Diligence team by undertaking desk study reviews and site visits for environmental assessment and due diligence projects predominantly within the UK.

Chris Goodwin

Junior Consultant

Chris has an MSc in Green Chemistry & Sustainable Industrial Technology from the University of York. 


Chris is the newest member of the EDD team and his role is to support the team and undertake desk study reviews and site visits for environmental assessment and due diligence projects within the UK.



Group Accountant

Kaj joined Ambiente in 2006. She holds a degree in Maths and is a qualified chartered accountant (ACA) with over 15 years’ experience.


Kaj holds responsibility for all accounting processes relating to the companies within the Ambiente Group registered in the UK and The Netherlands.


Elanor Robinson

Technical Administrator

Elanor holds a degree in Psychology and has nine years experience working and providing support in both Environmental Consultancy and Property Investment Management. 


Elanor’s role at Nova-Ambiente is to provide support to both the Environmental Management team and Allan Busse.



Office Manager

Kiss holds a degree in Fine Art & Fashion from Central Saint Martins and has several years of administrative experience in a variety of roles. 


Kiss has provided invaluable administrative support to our project management and auditing teams, and is also responsible for third party contract administration.

Suzanne Gordon-Brown

HR Advisor/ Manager

Suzanne is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Personnel and Development (MCIPD), and has 30 years’ experience in Human Resources working within the Public and Private sectors with new and small business assisting and managing all aspects pertaining to employee life cycle and wellbeing.


Suzanne is involved in overseeing all elements of Human Resources in the UK and is responsible for employee relations, policy development, recruitment, new starter Inductions, assisting with meeting training needs and enhancing employee satisfaction.


Amalia Devesa Couto

Accounts Assistant

Amalia has several years’ experience working in finance departments in her native Spain.


Amalia is extensively qualified in Business Administration and has a thorough working understanding of European accounting processes and associated software. She works closely with the Group Accountant and has responsibility for all invoice administration.



Carmen Dahl.jpg




Carmen is the Managing Director of our German Office and invaluable to the leadership team.


She is a specialist Geologist with a Masters Degree from the Aachen Institute of Technology in Germany, and has over 28 years’ experience in the environmental sector. Carmen has an expert knowledge of working techniques in contaminated areas, along with a solid background in hydro-geological surveying and the design & implementation of intrusive site investigations and remediation strategies.  Since 2006 she has specialized in environmental compliance and due diligence auditing.


As one of our most experienced members, Carmen keeps our German team focused during high volume and tight deadline transaction projects, ensuring we always deliver to the highest standard.




Principal Consultant

Patric holds a Masters Degree in Geology from Cologne University and has over 20 years' experience in contaminated land assessment and environmental transaction support services.

As one of the most experienced members of the German team, he regularly manages and undertakes environmental due diligence assessments for the logistics, office and retail sectors across Germany, as well as audits for our Environmental Management programme (EM) and coordinates Phase II site investigations. Patric also undertakes hazardous building materials assessments and is an experienced and qualified asbestos surveyor.


His ability to forge close working relationships with clients and real estate managers is instrumental to ensuring the improved environmental performance of assets in our environmental management (EM) programmes.





Marc holds a Master’s Degree in Geosciences from Technical University of Darmstadt with expertise in the fields of environmental geology and environmental geochemistry.

Marc´s key role is to support the German team with undertaking environmental due diligence and environmental management (EM) services, co-ordinating and undertaking post-acquisition site inspections and implementing corrective actions / strategies.


Maya Ogawa

Junior Consultant

Maya joined Nova Ambiente in January 2020. She is a geoscientist holding a Masters Degree from Bochum University with expertise in the fields of sedimentology, paleontology and isotope geochemistry.


Maya’s primary role at Nova Ambiente is to support the team by undertaking desk study reviews, site visits for environmental due diligence and environmental management audits in Germany.​

Florian Krüger

Junior Consultant

Florian Krüger is a geoscientist with a Master’s Degree from Bonn University with expertise in the fields of hydrogeology, environmental geology and sedimentology.


He formerly worked for over three years at the University of Applied Sciences in Koblenz as a consultant and supporter for e-learning projects and e-teaching for professors and lecturers on topics including civil and structural engineering.


Simone von de Finn

Team Assistant

Simone von de Finn has recently joined the Nova Ambiente in Cologne as a team assistant. She is a bilingual secretary with 15 years of experience working as a purchaser and in advertising for various major enterprises.







Rik is Director of our business in the Netherlands. He has a degree in Physical Geography from the University of Amsterdam and over 20 years' experience in contaminated land assessment, intrusive site investigations and remediation, and geotechnical investigations.


Rik has a pragmatic view of environmental risk and has particular expertise in the delivery of cost-effective investigation strategies and remediation solutions. He works in line with local practices and has developed an excellent relationship with the Dutch regulatory bodies.




Senior Consultant

Klaas joined Nova-Ambiente in January 2018 as an Environmental Consultant in the Netherlands. He holds a Degree in Environmental Science and has over three years’ experience in Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management.


Klaas’ primary role is the coordination of the Environmental Management  programmes in the Netherlands. He also supports the due diligence team, conducting audits of commercial and industrial properties for acquisition and divestiture projects.

Peter Penning


Peter has recently joined Nova Ambiente Netherlands as part of the Environmental Management Team.  He has a Civil Engineering degree from The Hague University and has extensive experience in working on environmental projects with multi-national companies in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. 


As part of the Environmental Management Team, Peter will be responsible for addressing and finding solutions for residual liability and best practice / compliance issues and thereby improving the environmental performance of the assets within our Dutch management programmes.



Béatrice Abribat Brun


Béatrice is our Associate in Paris. She holds degrees in Geography and Geology and has a Masters Degree in Waste and Pollution Management from the University of La Mans.


Béatrice has 15 years' experience in the environmental sector with a background in environmental due diligence, contaminated land and environmental site investigation, and environmental permitting. Her extensive knowledge of France's complicated environmental permitting system makes her an excellent auditor and skilled at identifying and addressing legal non-compliances and potential liability issues.



Portrait Almu (002).jpg




Almudena is Director of our Spanish operations, managing all activity in Iberia and regularly participating in our UK and French projects.

She has over 18 years' experience in environmental consultancy and worked in France and the UK for over 10 years, before setting up the Madrid office.

She specialises in contaminated land, due diligence assessments and environmental property management. Almudena’s many languages and great organisational skills make her an invaluable member of the team.



António Romão


António is our associate in Portugal, working closely with our offices in Madrid and London. He has over 30 years’ experience in environmental consultancy covering a wide range of projects for difference sectors internationally, with a strong focus in Portugal, Mozambique, Cabo Verde and Angola.


António's main areas of specialty are environmental due diligence, environmental and social assessment and management (including compliance with the safeguard policies of international financial institutions) and contaminated land. He also has extensive experience in the coordination of multidisciplinary, international teams.

Join Our Team.

Nova-Ambiente is a thriving European consultancy. We have global coverage, but we’re still proud of our ‘local firm’ feel. We encourage everyone to contribute at high levels, and are committed to developing, retaining and rewarding our staff.

We are looking for energetic and professional team members to join our family. Our current vacancies are detailed below:


  • Environmental Auditors based in The Netherlands

  • Environmental Auditors based in the UK

  • Technical Surveyor based in the UK

  • Environmental Consultant based in Germany


For further information on these positions or to submit your CV and covering letter please contact us.