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Nova-Ambiente provides environmental and technical assistance, guidance, and management programmes to all sectors within the European real estate industry and supports our Clients to meet their sustainability commitments through responsible investment and asset management mandates.

We are one of the most well-respected environmental and technical due diligence advisory firms in our industry.

We have a proven record of commitment to service and exceeding clients’ expectations and are proud of the lasting relationships that we have built with our clients and partner companies.

Our services cover a range of environmental and technical disciplines including due diligence for property transactions, post-acquisition management programmes, brownfield development assistance, ESG related screening and other sustainability services.

3 - Technical Due Diligence
4 Construction Loan Monitoring
5 Land Quality Assessment
7 - Additional Services
1 - Environmental Due Diligence
2 Env Prop Man

We have extensive experience in identifying and resolving material and environmental risk issues and providing clear commercial advice to ensure successful completion of transactions.

We take the time to consider the requirements and constraints of each project individually and provide advice driven by our client’s objectives and timeframes.

Where further assessment is required, we ensure that key objectives are met through development of an appropriate scope of works and clear interpretative reporting.

Environmental Due Diligence

Our Building Survey / Property Condition Assessments are tailored to Client requirements and focus on evaluating the general condition and maintenance history of the property, assessment of overall design and construction and the remaining useful life of building systems.

Where material deficiencies are identified, recommendations are made to the extent of any necessary repairs and future maintenance requirements and Capex sheets are provided detailing short, medium and long-term expenditure requirements.

Our TDD service can be combined with Environmental and ESG Screening to provide our Clients with a comprehensive Due Diligence package.

Technical Due Diligence

Whether you need help with a planning application, development scheme or have a specific environmental concern, our land quality service can deliver the advice and support you require.

We can help you identify potential sources of contamination, understand ground conditions, and assess associated environmental risks. We also design and implement Phase II intrusive investigations and later stage remediation options and verification works.

We regularly work with regulators and owners / operators to identify and implement the most effective management solutions.

Land Quality Assessment / Brownfield 

The ongoing environmental management of property post-acquisition is one of our core strengths. We work in partnership with our Clients to:

  • Address residual environmental liability and compliance issues;

  • Establish good management practices and improve environmental performance; and

  • Demonstrate active risk management.

We have developed a collaborative management platform to help lenders, owners, and investors manage, track and review their property portfolios.

Environmental Property Management

As the Real Estate industry transitions towards integrating sustainability insights and data into investment processes and mandates we have been working in collaboration with our Clients and partner companies to develop and extend our sustainability products and services.

Our sustainability / ESG services focus on enabling our Clients to invest and manage their assets responsibly.
We encourage engagement with stakeholders and our services include development of ESG policy and strategy frameworks, asset screening, implementation of improvement / resilience programmes and enabling continuous monitoring and reporting against key KPIs.

Sustainability Services

We are able to facilitate, and project manage a range of additional commercially focused services including:

  • Tank Testing

  • Asbestos Surveys

  • Radon Measurements

  • Legionella Assessments

  • Invasive Plant Species Surveys

  • Flood Risk Assessments

  • Energy Performance Certification

  • Climate Risk Screening

  • Energy Audits

  • Decarbonisation

Additional Services

Ask Us.

Feel free to ask us about our full range of environmental products and services.

+44 20 7929 7888


We have operating bases throughout Europe. For a full list of contact details, visit our contact page.

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